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      He shook his head.

      In the wonderful air, so thin and light and permeated with the brilliant sunshine, the strength which she had lost came back to her; her hands began to brown, the freckles to return to the clear ivory of her face. She had been very thin and worn-looking when she arrived; but she gained flesh with her strength, and the old suppleness, which, for want of a better name, we call grace.How can I help believing it? he broke in.

      Dont you see! she almost wailed. He will go there with the moneythey will be waiting for himhe will not believe that I have escaped, and think that they mean to trick him. They will set on him for the money! He will be killed! Oh, Varley, Varley! she panted in broken sentences.

      She did not start, and scarcely blushed, but looked at him a little timidly.

      I want you to assist at my wedding, said Trafford.Miss Chetwynde is Lady Wyndovers ward, said Lord Selvaine. She has only just arrived in England, and this is her first acquaintance with Vanity Fair. I ought to add that she is wise enough not to dance, and so is reveling in the easy joys of the mere spectator.


      There will be plenty of room for them at Belfayre, said Lady Wyndover, with a sigh of profound satisfaction. Of course, you will live there. The duke is an old man, and will be glad to have you and Trafford with him. He is so fond of you, dear. Of course, I dont know what plans youve made[156] about the honey-moon, but you might spend it at that pretty little place of mine in Surrey. You havent seen it yet. It really is a charming place; quite a box, of course; but it will be quite large enough for you two. I think its a mistake for a newly married couple to go to a big house, with a mob of servants; they want to be alone, to moon about, and all that. But, perhaps, you would like to go on the Continent.


      She caught up her hat and put it on with trembling fingers and in eager haste.


      Youyou love me? he said.