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      "All except the Fair-pl?aceand I mean to have that in a year or two, surelye.""He does, my Lord, and that was one of the causes of his suspension."

      "I've seen you beforein church, I think. Are you your father's shepherd?"

      Bless me, to imagine your having come in while I was so busy thinking about what I had been reading that I never heard the door open, she said, hastily picking up the book which had fallen face downwards on the floor. Well, Im sure its time for tea. How the evenings draw in! But there are unpleasanter things than a muffin and a chat by the fire when alls said and done.

      He suddenly leaned over the gate and kissed Caro on the lips.

      "You couldn't spik to me lik this if it wur a dream, Harrycould you, dear?"


      "But what would ye have put in your own charter, Wat?" again asked Richard, endeavouring to draw the smith's attention from Newton.She moistened her lips very genteelly with the tip of her tongue.


      "Life is worth while," said Alice, "in itself, not because of what it gives you."


      "WhyyesI have, Master Calverley; but in truth I don't like to have any thing to do with her. If she set a spell upon me, I could never do good again. Did not she tell Roger Follett, that if he didn't take care, sooner or later, the gable end of his house would fall? and so, sure enough it did."