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      [285] Mmoire autographe de l'Abb Jean Cavelier.


      [2] Lalemant, Relation des Hurons, 1639, 68. It was this chief whose severed hand was thrown to the Jesuits. See ante, (page 137).

      [174] "Il ne restoit que quelques bouts de perches brules qui montroient quelle avoit t l'tendue du village, et sur la plupart desquelles il y avoit des ttes de morts plantes et manges des corbeaux."Relation des Dcouvertes du Sr. de la Salle.

      Gourgues's mission was fulfilled. To occupy the country had never been his intention; nor was it possible, for the Spaniards were still in force at St. Augustine. His was a whirlwind visitation,to ravage, ruin, and vanish. He harangued the Indians, and exhorted them to demolish the fort. They fell to the work with eagerness, and in less than a day not one stone was left on another.

      [3] At the end of the year 1638, there were seven priests who spoke Huron, and three who had begun to learn it.


      Help! Help! she screamed. Shall we fear this one man? Are we not strong enough to capture him?He merely uttered the mans name, but in precisely the same tone as if he had been a dog. Philopator made no reply, but shrunk into as small a space in his corner as possible.




      Myrtale made no reply, but the lines around her mouth expressed so much wrath and scorn that Simonides in surprise looked at her more closely. A glittering streak ran from her eyes down over her cheeks.