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      Shorty lined up the boys in a hurry and Si commanded. and Lieutenant-Colonel since I got up.

      "Were the guns rifled or smooth-bore?"

      "Go on, now. Don't you dare threaten me," shouted Billings.

      "Yes, this is Goober Crick," said the old man, with an air of recalling an old acquaintance. "I'm sure of hit. Now, you'll let me go home, won't yer? I hain't got a dry thread left on me, an' I know I'll jest fairly die o' rheumatiz."


      "The Colonel, Maria. The Colonel commands the whole regiment. Won't you never know the difference? A Colonel's much higher than a Corporal. You girls never will learn nothin'."


      "Tear cartridges."


      The Deacon found that a ride in a wagon was not such an unqualified favor as he might have thought. The poor, half-fed, overworked mules went so slowly that the Deacon could make better time walking, and he was too merciful to allow them to pull him up hill.