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      "My dearest, I have not the least doubt you will astonish me. I am very ignorant of everything connected with art. I set my face against the Academy because I thought the training and the life would be too public for my sister."As they drew a little apart, and she bent down to examine her train, she said in a low voice:

      Never was there a fairer picture than that domestic group under the tulip tree. Tho two girlish figures in white muslin, with palest salmon and palest azure ribbons fluttering and glancing in the light and deepening in the shadow; the white fox-terrier, alert, muscular, mercurial; the tortoise-shell cat, long-haired, aristocratic, and demure; the pretty Moorish plateau on bamboo legs, the purple and crimson breakfast service and rare old silver urn, the fruit and flowers, and amber-hued butter, and rustic luxury of preserved fruit and clotted cream.

      Good heavens. Are you going to let Esmeralda drive? asked Lady Wyndover.

      "You have more of what people call animal spirits than I have."The dresses are certainly not quite good enough for a lady like you, miss, she said. But, there, it wouldnt matter what you wore! she added.

      Youyou love me? he said.

      "You need not leave Trelasco," she said gently. "I am going away to-morrow."